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Man vs. Internet: Another chapter in the cursed book of social media job losses

Adam Richman’s new show Man Finds Food has been postponed indefinitely after the popular host of Man vs. Food found himself embroiled in the latest in a long, long line of pointless instagram fiascos. The short version: He was unfairly … Continue reading

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Ladies and Gentlemen of the class of 2013… a message to Generation Y

Richard Spragg offers his own long overdue advice to the graduating classes of the next generation. There is no mention of sunscreen. Shut up. This is the best advice I can give any of you. You can leave now if … Continue reading

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There are two edges to every sword. If you can’t hold it steady, put it away.

Social Media is the universe’s largest double edged sword. Before you pick it up, professionally or personally, remember some basic commandments. Nobody can protect you from yourself. Not really. It’s going to be down to you to make sure you … Continue reading

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The 3 Reasons Businesses Fail

While the failure of businesses young and old, big and small, is often attributed to a wide array of complex issues, the truth is never complicated. Businesses fail for one or more of three reasons, and understanding them is the … Continue reading

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Is Easyjet customer service appalling, or is it just the right level of service for the money?

So here’s the short version. I went to Milan and Rome with my wife for a few days last week. We stopped in London to see family and then I made my way to Detroit for some business meetings, while … Continue reading

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