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Is There Potential Turbulence As The Friendly Skies Go Social?

This past week I attended the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) conference in Las Vegas. Being that I live on the east coast, I had to take a plane to get there. I could have done a road … Continue reading

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You can blame criminal elements, but counterfeit products enter markets through stupidity.

The principal of Occum’s Razor is used by most of us in our day to day lives, whether we know it or not. All things being equal, the simplest explanation is most likely to be true.There’s been a lot of … Continue reading

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ICD-10 is Big – Inefficiency Through Absurdity – When Bureaucracy Gets Out of Hand

It appears that as is true with most things that grow beyond usefulness (i.e. – our 72,000 page tax code in the U.S.) ICD-10 has gone into the realm of regulating ridiculousness.  When you need billing codes that include the … Continue reading

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Is this the Beginning of The End for Job Boards?

Last week Monster Worldwide Inc. announced it has laid off roughly 7 percent of its worldwide workforce according to a recent article by Rodney H. Brown .This brings to mind the question whether or not this spells the beginning of … Continue reading

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