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HACKED in HIT: Does your HCO have an EMR / EHR security plan?

Does your HCO have a EMR security plan?A couple of weeks ago we talked about your social media network getting hacked. While potentially embarrassing to those hacked and a slight risk to other accounts on your network, it is a … Continue reading

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What’s Mine is Yours: When does employer social media policy cross the line on privacy and property concerns?

Do employers have rights to employee social media info? In the technical resources business, we have to be concerned about several aspects of E/O/E laws and regulations. Yet, in today’s world, it’s becoming more commonplace for an employer to ask … Continue reading

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Your password has been hacked, now what? Three ways to address your contacts.

Last Wednesday, LinkedIn reported that a number of users had their passwords compromised. Although not confirmed by LinkedIn, it’s estimated that about six million of its 161 million + network fell victim to the security breach. If you’ve been following … Continue reading

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Top three differences between old professional behavior and new professional behavior

Social media blogger and author Allison Fine recently wrote an article in the Havard Business Review discussing the difference between an old professional and a new professional. Are you an old professional or new professional?Through a series of examples she … Continue reading

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