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Rolex and Recruiting: More in common than you think.

Clients & job seekers deserve ‘Rolex’ recruitment services.As recruiters, we have a responsibility to our potential and existing candidates to treat them professionally. Unfortunately, because some firms out there are lacking in integrity and have turned the art and skill … Continue reading

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Have it your way: A story about McDonald’s, burnt Apple pie, Go Daddy and your data.

Who is responsible for keeping the cyber highways safe?Everyone knows using the Internet is a security risk. There are people that make a living, a very good one at that, exposing weaknesses on the web. The internet is a security … Continue reading

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Novocain Immunity and Meaningful Use: How prepared are patients and practitioners for 2014?

Can Meaningful Use eliminate the pain red tape causes?If you talk to anyone in the medical community and say the words ‘meaningful use,’ chances are any clinician or physician will understand what you mean. What about patients? This is probably … Continue reading

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Back it up. Back it up. The Cloud isn’t as safe as ‘they’ say it is.

Are you prepared for the loss of your cloud data?I recently ran across a blogby Matt Winer regarding his experience with cloud computing that I felt was really important to share. His story is a warning to all who use … Continue reading

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