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E Pluribus Unum – Could multitasking make the leap from personal choice to key professional skill?

Some activities are not meant to be attempted in tandem. There is a time when doing two things at once can only end badly. I sometimes wonder what became of Lacey Underlay from Caddyshack, who enjoyed Skinny-skiing, and going to … Continue reading

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Your Facebook profile may be damaging your IT jobs prospects right now.

I do not have Bieber fever. Let’s get that clear from the outset. For the uninitiated, Justin Bieber is a teenage Canadian pop star who has sold fifteen million records, made $55m in the last twelve months, been nominated for … Continue reading

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If only the laws of physics were so easy to manipulate…

Ask anyone to name the greatest thinker of the 20th century and few people will pause for more than a second or two before they name Albert Einstein. The refreshingly unkempt theoretical physicist who would later win a Nobel Prize … Continue reading

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