What We Do

It’s no secret that the staffing industry often gets a bad rap and here at Talascend, we spend every day trying to change that perception.

A partnership with Talascend means commitment. It means mutual respect, trust and value. It means dedication to your growing workforce, your new career opportunity, or your future as a Talascend employee. We fully commit ourselves to your success and whether you are a customer, contractor (deployed employee), internal staff, or someone who is interested in learning more about exploring a recruiting partnership, we have your back!

“Step Up” to a new recruiting partnership

See for yourself how our recruiting model Steps Up against the recruiting perception.

Step Up to a clear view of success

Whatever you’re trying to achieve: building workforces; changing careers, seeking career counseling, we are here to bring a new perspective in the way you do business or seek out new opportunities. We are a pioneer in staffing and recruiting services and can provide you with a highly active and relevant community of professionals to assist in whatever project or business need you have.

Step Up to higher quality candidates

We’ve moved beyond simple database searching, resume matching, and single sourcing requirements. We employ the latest technology tools and resources that grant our customers the opportunity to Step Up to a whole new level of candidates. We are confident in this because we personally know each candidate that we submit to our customers. We have a deep knowledge of their experience and aspirations and are confident in their abilities to bring your organization to a new level of success.

Step Up to better job opportunities

The world’s leading employers are part of our community. We collaborate with them every day to support their projects and grow their teams. If you’re looking for a new assignment or a long-term career move, allow us to be your connection to new opportunities.

Step Up to better service

Our people are the reason we are where we are today. Talascend’s people are the best in the industry and our service is built on their capabilities. Tenured professionals across all business disciplines exist to ensure effective and efficient service delivery. We are proud to put them in the front and center of our business. Connect with us today to meet the members who make up the Talascend family. Real people who care, from the front desk to the CEO.

If you want to find out what a relationship with Talascend could do for you, whatever your current or future needs, contact us today.

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