Direct Hire Recruitment

There is no doubt that 2021 presents a unique year for hiring. If you’re struggling to find full-time, direct placements in a unique, employee driven market, Talascend can put our staffing experts and resources to work for you! We can provide you with candidates for your most hard-to fill roles. From reviewing resumes and screening potential candidates, to implementing aptitude testing, negotiating relocation and facilitating onboarding, our team takes a consultative approach to fully understand your direct hire needs and will find the best-fit employees for your company.

A Loyal Culture

Direct hire positions are appealing to candidates, as permanent careers fit the requirements of those who desire stability and long-term growth. Employees are placed on your payroll at day-one, therefore your return on professional development and corporate cultural induction commences immediately.

Permanent employees have an immediate sense of belonging and in turn become very loyal to any organization. Because direct opportunities are full-time and long-term, trust is stronger between the candidate and the employer. This provides a greater retention rate and a more committed employee base.

Savings Potential

We understand the need to fill your vacancies fast and wanting to make the best decision with a direct hire can often add to the time frame of getting someone started. Talascend can easily lift the burden of these time-consuming and often costly sourcing processes for your direct hire needs. This is what we do!

Full-Service Staffing Partner

We have become an employer of choice among the top talent in the industry, identifying job opportunities (direct-hire as well as short and long-term contract) that have progressed the careers of a wide range of professionals nationwide. The collective drive our staff shares by connecting our community of professionals to the world’s most recognizable employers is what we do. We understand the effort it takes to ramp up your team and find talent that fits your culture.

Contact us today for top candidates that are ready for a long-term, permanent position that will support your business growth for years to come.