HR Solutions

In addition to our recruitment services, Talascend is committed to working with our clients to provide customized HR solutions designed for effective workforce management - from payrolling solutions to 1099 Independent Contractor Compliance.

We are a values-driven organization with a strong reputation for paying close care and attention to every contingent worker placed at our clients’ sites. We make it our duty to keep employees informed and engaged in their work every day.

Here’s a snapshot of the added value Talascend can provide. We welcome the opportunity to discuss any aspect and how we can tailor our services to help you reduce cost, streamline operations, and improve workforce production within your organization.

Client Referred Candidates (CRC) – Payrolling Services

Talascend has proven experience on-boarding, transitioning and off-boarding CRC’s through our payrolling services. We are committed to professionally, thoroughly and effectively acting in accordance with the custom solutions designed with the client in mind, as well as all legal requirements, while creating a respectful and positive work experience for the individual.

Talascend’s account management and HR teams focus on treating our CRC’s as if they are part of our own staff. We work to provide our CRC’s with all the information and support they need throughout the length of their assignment to ensure they are positioned for long-term success at Talascend and are valuable contributors in our clients’ environments.

For our clients, our payrolling solutions deliver staff without the overhead. Talascend can offer customers a customized program which may include outsourcing an entire payroll process allowing them to focus on their core business and reduce the cost and HR burden of staff.

Independent Contractor Compliance

With the federal government cracking down on misclassification of independent contractors, it is imperative your workforce is classified correctly. From hefty fines to legal fees, misclassification can be costly for the employer as well as the employee.

That’s where Talascend comes in. By utilizing our custom payrolling solutions, you can minimize the risk of misclassification of your independent contractors and contingent worker tax liability while achieving peace of mind. Take a look at our Client Referred Candidates overview to learn how Talascend can deliver staffing solutions without the overhead or risk of misclassification.

Employee Service Center

Available during normal business hours and with a defined 24 hour response requirement, Talascend offers all employees access to our toll free Employee Service Center. For all payrolling and benefits and all employee services needs, the Employee Service Center provides employees with direct access to one of Talascend’s HR staff members to answer to their employment questions or direct them to the appropriate contact if needed.

Orientation Workshops

Prior to their first day, Talascend’s HR Coordinators lead comprehensive orientations with employees covering all the details of their employment from benefits review and timekeeping procedures to client mandated training and policy reviews.

As safety requirements vary by facility and by industry, Talascend also works with our clients to determine their specific safety needs and incorporates all safety training into the orientation phase.

Talascend tracks the training participation and retrains in accordance with client needs, as well as State and Federal Guidelines.


Benefits are a strong motivator to join Talascend. Our packages are comprehensive offering a full menu of benefits from medical to 401(k) and can be tailored to eligible employees’ needs. In our 70 year history, we have had this cited as a common reason for choosing us.

Employee Relations

Talascend takes a proactive approach to ensuring our employees are well informed at every stage of their employment. For HR and our Account Management teams, regular and clear communication is at the forefront of our employee relations efforts, and we focus on making sure our employees have a clear understanding of what is happening, how it affects them and how they can get questions answered.

Talascend also provides our clients with an employee relations flow chart to detail who to contact in the event of various Employee Relations situations; from complaints to workers’ compensation.


In the event of employee relation issues, Talascend has experience working in conjunction with our clients to conduct comprehensive investigations and reporting to quickly reach a resolution while minimizing any disruptions to client operations.