Healthcare IT Staffing

Talascend’s Healthcare IT division is focused exclusively on delivering effective, cost-efficient staffing solutions in Information Technology and filling related non-clinical healthcare IT jobs for clients.
With over 50 years experience in the healthcare IT industry, our team offers the latest innovative solutions built on a proven track record of delivery and reliability, while providing unique opportunities to build and control alternative staffing channels.

Our channel management model increases the flow of high quality candidates to your business and reduces the time it takes to fill urgent healthcare IT jobs, minimizing your reliance on outside contractors and ensuring that the knowledge and understanding you create remains within your organization.

Creative Staffing Solutions to Meet Rising Needs

There’s never been a more important time for new ideas with regard to filling healthcare IT jobs. Taking the same approaches to staffing that have proved ineffective in the past will only leave you fighting the same issues in the future.

Best Practice Assessment

Talascend Healthcare IT conducts an objective, metrics-based assessment focused on how well your recruiting activities are positioned to meet current and future staffing needs.

Recruiting Process Management

Whether you have a need for temporary, project-based support or a need to fill a significant number of  healthcare IT jobs, Talascend Healthcare IT can provide logistics for full management of the recruitment process from within your organization, including management reporting.

Channel Management Solutions

Talascend Healthcare IT provides a unique set of solutions focused on increasing your control over available talent supply, with a goal of decreasing the reliance on today’s “free-agent” market to fill your healthcare IT jobs.

Vendor Management Solutions

As with all of our divisions, Talascend’s Healthcare IT division can manage your existing staffing vendor relationships without the administrative burden. We offer transparent, flexible solutions for managing the staffing supply chain.

Temporary Staffing

Temporary staffing solutions to support your immediate short term needs and supplement your staff workforce.

Permanent Placement

Building teams, not just numbers. Talascend can find the right people for you in the long term.
A breaking point. New solutions.

Facing Your Healthcare IT Staffing Challenges

Most Healthcare IT Executives are faced with a puzzle that is not easily solved. There simply aren’t enough qualified resources available to: install, support and effectively use today’s Healthcare IT systems. For many industry executives, this challenge has reached a breaking point:

“Free agent contractors leave and take their knowledge with them.” - Using non-traditional resource pools can impact the transient culture that creates high turnover rates seen in many healthcare IT jobs and a constant need to retrain and re-educate new hires.

“Spending too much on today’s solution - 3-4 times what we should be … we have consultants and temps everywhere.”  -Converting long-term temporary resources and contractors to fill permanent healthcare IT jobs should be a cornerstone of each solution.

“New hires lack system experience and it takes a long time to get them up to speed.” - New hires don’t have to come in cold and start your important healthcare IT job from scratch. With the right logistics in place you can enjoy the benefits of new staff who already understand your system and your process.

“We know there’s talent outside our industry … or in the Colleges and Universities, but we don’t have time to find it.” -We’ve got the time and the expertise to open up completely new resource pools to fill your healthcare IT jobs. There are realistic, implementable options outside your customary channels including our community of healthcare IT professionals.

“Willing, able, competent sources of labor are not geographically convenient” - You need not be limited to the geographic areas you usually rely on. With the varied US economy creating mobile healthcare IT jobs and jobseekers, you can think beyond your usual geography.

“While the lust to offshore may be economically beneficial, it isn’t accepted by most”. - There are ways to gain the benefits of offshoring without healthcare IT jobs actually leaving the country. Talascend can help you build a cost efficient workforce solution inside the United States.


Our goal is to help you to meet your deadlines with a modern approach to filling your healthcare It positions built on partnership and accountability, in order to:

  • Stop the knowledge drain associated with free agents
  • Dramatically increase your flow of candidates
  • Reduce the time taken to fill open positions
  • Decrease reliance on outside contractors/temp agencies
  • Increase control over candidate flow
  • Reduce costs

To find out more about any of Talascend’s Healthcare IT division and services, contact the team. We’ll be happy to talk you through any of the ways your organization could benefit. To discover the types of Healthcare IT jobs we're filling, register with us.