IT Recruiting Consultants

Talascend provides a consultative approach to problem solving and needs analysis in IT Recruiting.  We won’t guess the details of the issues that are challenging your ability to deliver; we’ll work with you to fully understand them. We’ll make recommendations on the best course of action gained from our wide experience in the sector. If you see the benefits, we'll work with you to implement those recommendations and transform your approach to technology staffing.

Our IT Recruiting staff is working with some of the largest and most prestigious companies in the technical sector and our management team has a substantial track record in creating workable solutions that can be implemented quickly and safely to save time and money.

Contact us to find out more about our consulting services and how they can provide cost effective options for permanently solving long term resourcing issues in your IT recruiting programs.

We can work with you on a comprehensive plan that focuses on identifying and resolving your major issues, whether you know exactly what they are or not. Typical consulting projects include:

  • Permanent & Temporary IT Recruiting Strategy
  • IT Recruiting effectiveness
  • Market Rate Benchmarking
  • Competitor performance
  • Geographical factors affecting IT recruiting
  • International IT Recruiting
  • Healthcare IT / EHR planning

To find out more about the service we provide to cluents, contact our IT staffing consultants today. To find out more about our consultative approach, register with us as a candidate.