Construction Employment

The construction industry comprises so many different career disciplines and types of projects, it's hard to define construction employment these days.

For example, civil infrastructure construction involves projects like roads, mass transit, wastewater, as well as water delivery and purification. Industrial projects often involve building structures that are used to serve purposes like manufacturing goods, processing and refining materials, and to house research and development facilities. Commercial construction can range from projects like universities and hospitals to retail outlets. Although home builders do indeed design and build homes, they also plan communities and civil projects to serve those communities.

Within these construction classifications there are several divisions of projects types. For example, an industrial EPC may have a turnkey construction, design build division, civil works department, an oil and gas division, and so on.

As the overall industry is so diverse and intertwined, so too are the employment opportunities on construction projects around the globe. From IT personnel to skilled labor professionals to project engineers, managers and superintendents, the workforce on a project can run the gamut of employment opportunities.

Some of the wide-ranging jobs in the construction industry include:

  • Carpentry
  • Ironworking
  • Concrete Technician  
  • On-site Systems Administrator 
  • Environmental or LEED Project Engineer
  • Environmental, Health and Safety Roles  
  • Project Manager  
  • Superintendent
  • Schedulers
  • Cost Controls
  • Document Control
  • Foreman
  • Civil Engineering / Surveying
  • Design Engineering
  • Procurement Professionals
  • Site Planners
  • Legal Opportunities and more

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