Construction engineering jobs

The construction engineering discipline deals with the planning, designing, construction and management of infrastructure such as railways, bridges, roads, airports, buildings, utilities and dams. Construction engineers are civil engineers that work in the construction industry. They can be involved with the implementation of new projects or on the repair of existing buildings or infrastructure.

Prior to the construction of new buildings, the construction engineer will survey the area and prepare surveys, diagrams, and charts showing how the project will be carried out and what areas it will affect. The construction engineer will also inspect the site to ensure that the building can be accommodated by the area, and determine the grade and elevation levels of the area.

Construction engineers, work in a branch of civil engineering. Construction engineering is commonly found in industries such as:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Transport
  • Power generation

Oil & Gas

In the oil and gas industry, construction engineers can be involved in the design and maintenance of key oil & gas facilities such as oil refineries, oil tanks, gas making/treatment facilities, and gas storage.


Construction engineering is a vital part of the transport industry. Within the rail industry construction of new facilities such as railway stations, tunnels, bridges, and tracks may be needed, and it is likely that construction engineers will be involved with the designing and installation of these.


In the power industry, construction engineers can be involved in the construction and maintenance of installations such as nuclear and coal-fired power stations as well as wind turbines.

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