Engineering and Construction Jobs

Talascend has been delivering the best engineering and construction jobs to the global market place since Modern Engineering first began working in Michigan in the late 1940's. For 65 years, our teams have been working to make the best jobs available to the best engineering and construction personnel and helping to keep them working and pushing their careers forward.

You can search for jobs with Talascend, apply online, upload your resume, or just pick up the phone and call your local office. We'll be happy to let you know what opportunities exist in engineering and construction and what you need to do to meet hiring companies' real needs.

Engineering and Construction Employment Opportunities

2012 has been an exciting year for the global engineering and construction job market. Major investment in a range of key markets, including Australia, China, India, Canada and South America. The recent European economic crisis has led to increases in European engineers looking for job opportunities overseas.
In the US, a resurgent oil and gas industry is presenting a lot of career opportunities in oil and gas jobs, as is the much revived automotive manufacturing industry in Detroit.