Help Me Find a Job

This is one of the most commonly heard questions in the employment market today. With the job market still suffering across the country, a lot of people are looking for assistance in finding a career or just to make enough money to pay the bills.

As always, we're trying to help in any way we can to ensure the people in our market lace find the best way to get a job. Here are our answers to the most common questions we hear from job seekers:

Who can help me find a job?

Staffing Agencies like Talascend can be a vital part of the job hunting process. Whatever you can accomplish by yourself, it's likely you can accomplish a lot more it you have a team of people working with you. Staffing agencies occasionally achieve a bad reputation, but there are plenty of reputable businesses prepared to offer assistance at no cost to you. (This is very important - anybody who asks you for money up front in your search for a job is unlikely to be a reliable source of support. Staffing agencies are paid by hiring companies, not by the candidates they supply. Never pay anybody to help you find a job.

What are the best sources of specific job opportunities?

There are a number of job boards where you can post your resume. The advantage to this is that you instantly make yourself available to a large number of recruiters and potential employers immediately. On the downside, your resume is going into a very large pool that contains literally millions of other people.

Do I have to have specific experience?

Not necessarily. Junior jobs in new fields may not be well paid, but they do create potential for a future in a new line of work. Whatever the circumstances, you are going to have to accept that if you don't have big value, high level experience, you're going to have to start at the bottom and work your way into something.

Can Social Media help me find a job?

There's no questioning the increasing importance of Social Media in helping you find work. Linked In, Facebook and other media can be a great place to get your name and resume out there. It is an active process and it requires you to put in time tracking down the right people to consider your application. You can join groups, and sign up for the extended services on Linked in for example - it's no guarantee that the people you find will talk to you or that you will make that crucial connection, but it certainly can't do you any harm.

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