Nuclear jobs in the UK

The world’s first commercial nuclear plant was opened in the 1950s in Cumbria and since then the UK has had a thriving nuclear industry, supplying around 24% of the UK’s electricity needs. The industry employs more than 40,000 highly skilled workers throughout the UK.

Nuclear power stations

The process of nuclear fission has a key role in the generation of power in a nuclear plant, and uranium is a common element which is used in the process. In a nuclear power plant the energy released when atoms in uranium split heats water turning it into steam resulting in the driving of a turbine generator that produces power. As uranium is constantly undergoing spontaneous fission, it is very useful for the induced fission that nuclear power stations require. In the United Kingdom there are nine operating power plant sites:

  • Dungeness B power station, Kent
  • Hartlepool power station, County Durham
  • Heysham 1 power station, Lancashire
  • Heysham 2 power station, Lancashire
  • Hinkley Point B power station, Somerset
  • Hunterston B power station, North Ayrshire
  • Sizewell B power station, Suffolk
  • Torness power station, East Lothian
  • Wylfa power station, Anglesey

Careers in the nuclear industry

Talascend works with some of the nuclear industry’s most high profile companies to fill nuclear jobs around the world, and as a result our recruiters in Talascend offices across the world have developed an extensive knowledge of the nuclear industry.

A variety of job opportunities are on offer in the UK nuclear industry and common positions include:

  • Civil engineer nuclear jobs
  • Mechanical engineer nuclear jobs
  • Construction manager nuclear jobs
  • Structural engineer nuclear jobs
  • Operations engineer nuclear jobs
  • Health & Safety inspector nuclear jobs
  • Electrical engineer nuclear jobs
  • Process engineer nuclear jobs
  • Field engineer nuclear jobs

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