Oil and Gas jobs in Norway

Oil and gas production in Norway takes place on the Norwegian Continental Shelf which is divided into three sections consisting of the North Sea, Barents Sea, and Norwegian Sea. Norway is the largest producer and exporter of oil in Western Europe, with the majority of the country’s oil produced in the North Sea. The North Sea is home to Norway’s three largest producing oil fields:

  • Ekofisk
  • Snorre
  • Valhall

Norway’s two major oil refining facilities are the Slagen refinery located on the Oslofjord in the south east of Norway, and the Mongstad refinery in western Norway.

A system of international oil and gas pipelines, Norpipe, connects the fields in the Ekofisk system and associated fields to the United Kingdom and Germany. The Norpipe oil pipeline is 354km long, and transports oil from the Norwegian Ekofisk fields across the North Sea to the oil terminal and refinery in Teesside, England. The Norpipe natural gas pipeline is 440km in length, and transports gas from the Ekofisk field to the Emden terminal in Germany.

Norway’s Troll natural gas and oil field is one of the biggest in the North Sea and is the world’s tenth biggest offshore gas project. Norway is a key supplier of gas in the European energy supply chain, exporting gas to major consumer countries in Western Europe with the majority of exports going to Germany, the UK, France, and Belgium.

Norway produces liquefied natural gas from the Snohvit gas field, situated in the Barents Sea. The Snohvit gas field is connected via 143km of pipeline to the LNG export terminal and liquefaction facility at Melkoya, near Hammerfest.

Jobs in the Norwegian oil and gas industry

Some of the job positions available in the Norwegian oil & gas industry are:

  • Piping engineer jobs
  • Process engineer jobs
  • Geological engineer jobs
  • Electrical engineer jobs
  • Mechanical engineer jobs
  • Drilling engineer jobs
  • Construction jobs

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