Telecommunications engineering jobs

Telecommunications personnel work across a full scope of areas, including network engineering, maintenance, testing, commissioning and project management. The telecommunications sector is rapidly developing and employees will find themselves working in a fast paced and dynamic environment.

Employment areas in telecommunications engineering

Network Engineering in telecommunications

Network engineering involves the design, implementation, and management of various telecommunication networks. Network engineering can ensure problems in the network are identified, diagnosed, and resolved, helping to keep telecommunications networks fully functional, and provide maximum performance for users.

Maintenance, Testing and Commissioning in telecommunications engineering

During the maintenance stage, the repair and maintenance of telecommunications equipment such as overhead or underground cabling, towers, antenna, fibre optics, power plants, and microwave and radio sites are carried out.

Testing is important to ensure that the availability of telecoms networks meets customer expectations. To do this, the networks would be tested under normal operating conditions as well as beyond the normal operational environment using stress testing. The outcome of these tests would then provide evidence on whether the telecoms network could be put through commercial traffic. Testing is carried out on telecommunications networks and equipment such as fixed-line and mobile telephone networks, analogue and digital satellite systems, copper wire and fibre optic cabling, and wireless radio networks.

After the telecommunications equipment and systems have been installed and tested, the next stage is commissioning the equipment into service. Verifying a telecommunication system’s functionality is an important stage in making sure that systems meet the customer’s requirements and specifications, and that installed systems comply with respective rules and regulations.

Project Management in telecommunications engineering

Project management is often utilised in the organisation of each stage of the telecommunications project and can help ensure that stages such as maintenance, testing, and commissioning are completed on schedule and to the customer’s specifications.

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