Where can I find a job?

If you're looking for work, you may find yourself asking 'where can I find a job?' In the current economic environment, unemployment remains high in the wake of the global recession and you may find it takes longer to find a job than you had initially expected when you began your job search.

Sources of Work

When it comes to finding a job, the internet has changed everything, It may be that you have experience of internet job hunting, or perhaps this is the first time you have looked to the web to find career opportunities. Either way, it's important that you consider all the opportunities available to you as you search for work

Job Boards

Job boards can be a great source of work but they can also be problematic. If the question is 'where can I find a job?' then the answer is certainly 'on the job boards', but there are also other questions that need to be answered. For example, you need to understand how you will track your job application and what the likelihood is that you will be able to see who your resume is being considered by.

Recruitment Agencies

Full disclosure, Talascend is a recruitment agency, so we will always advise you to talk to us before you do anything else. But even if it's not Talascend that you choose to talk to, or apply to, you should make sure that you choose another reputable company that will treat your application with the respect and attention it deserves.

Career Fairs

Career fairs can be a great way to meet employers and find work. It is preferable to find a career fair that best suits your individual needs. It may be that you want an engineering job, then an engineering job fair will be best for you. But if you're looking for more general job opportunities, you will find some value in one of the larger career fairs.

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