Auto Jobs

Since mid-2011, the auto industry has been steadily coming back from the devastation brought about by the 'Great Recession' that began a few years earlier. With this resurgence, a number of new operating models for both automakers and suppliers have generated new auto job opportunities.

The industry has changed in that it is more global in nature. China and India figure to play increasingly key roles in emerging auto markets with the help of already established OEMs in the Westernized world.
When one thinks of auto jobs, most often assembly, engineering and design roles come to mind. However, the auto industry encompasses and supports a number of employment opportunities one might not normally associate with car making.

Some of the roles you might not expect at an OEM or tier supplier include:

  • IT jobs
  • Technical writers
  • Chemists
  • Logistics opportunities
  • Electricians (plant and automotive)
  • Maintenance technicians
  • Toolmakers
  • Packaging opportunities
  • Artist jobs
  • Photography and film jobs
  • Marketing and communications jobs
  • Finance jobs
  • Relocation support specialists
  • Plant construction and maintenance jobs
  • Warehouse opportunities
  • Security
  • Legal jobs
  • and many more

The auto industry is an important part of not only the US economy, but to the overall stability of the global economy as well. Whether for tier suppliers or major OEMs, Talascend is filling wide range of these and other auto job opportunities around the globe.

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