Healthcare IT Staffing and Recruitment

The healthcare industry is one of the few that continually experiences growth, regardless of prevailing economic conditions. The healthcare IT, or informatics industry has also grown at an exponential rate as a result, and has become a vital part of the healthcare industry as a whole. New regulatory measures and reforms have only increased the need for healthcare IT staffing and resources throughout the country, from family practices to large HCO's (Healthcare Organizations).

Healthcare IT is a blanket term used to describe the resources dedicated to managing the data generated in the healthcare industry. Healthcare IT is involved in most aspects of the healthcare process from security to database management; quality of care to patient experience; insurance codes to financial records. Supply has been dwarfed by demand when it comes to IT staffing resources in recent years.

HCO's, other service providers, and support industry companies have turned to recruitment firms specializing in healthcare IT staffing to fill a variety of roles such as:

  • Applications Engineering jobs
  • Configuration & Release Management jobs
  • CRM/ERP Functional & Technical jobs
  • Database Architect jobs
  • Database Administration jobs
  • Data Warehouse Architecture
  • ETL Development
  • Hardware Engineering
  • Helpdesk Support
  • HIT QA/QC jobs
  • Mainframe Development/Architecture
  • Process and Document Control jobs
  • Programming jobs
  • Software Controls jobs and more

Our Healthcare IT staffing division is helping to fill these vital roles for some of the industry's leading HCO's. To learn more about what we can do for you, contact Talascend today.

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