IT Careers

Information technology, or IT careers, have changed significantly over the years as new hardware and software technologies emerge. Virtually every industry has a need for IT professionals from oil and gas to textile manufacturing to EPC and beyond.

Jobs vary from help desk support technicians to systems administrators and software engineering. A number of schools have dedicated information technology degrees and certificates available. The impending retirement of the baby boomer generation is likely to increase demand for professionals within the industry with new skill sets and the ability to manage projects.

Most employers are currently looking for professionals with three to five years of experience in specialized skill sets and a degree in Information Systems or Computer Science. Management positions often require more experience and an advanced business or MIS degree.

When considering IT degree or skill set enhancement programs, IT professionals and those thinking of IT as a career, should keep in mind that the following list of the most sought after skill sets in recent years:

  • CRM development and support experience
  • Database architecture
  • Database design and implementation with a number of systems ()
  • SQL, T-SQL, Oracle, LINUX, UNIX, NoSQL, PostgreSQL, etc.
  • ASP v3.0 (VBScript), VBA, VB6, WSScript
  • HTML, JavaScript, CSS
  • UI technology - AJAX, jQuery, extJS, GWT, YUI and Flex
  • Epic, Allscripts, eClincalWorks, Siemens, MEDITECH (healthcare IT)
  • Hadoop, AWS Elastic MR, Infopath
  • Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)
  • Security
  • QA/QC (IT quality and test engineering)

Of course there are a number of other systems, platforms, and software emerging virtually on a daily basis; especially in the mobile applications, or mobile apps industry, and in healthcare IT.

Talascend has a number of opportunities available for IT jobseekers several industries including healthcare. To explore the jobs we have available in information technology; please register with us or contact our local IT recruitment specialists.