Billie Jo McTighe on Telecommunications

Talascend Spotlight

August 26, 2020

Billie Jo McTighe, Senior Delivery Manager

Talascend is no stranger to the Telecommunications Industry. In fact, for the past 70 years, we have provided critical Telecom talent to high-profile projects nationwide. Because of our tenure, Talascend understands the ebbs and flows and our experienced recruitment team has all the knowledge needed to adjust to the industry iterations.

For insight on the history and predictions of the Telecom Industry is Talascend’s Senior Delivery Manager, Billie Jo McTighe.

What is your position and main responsibilities at Talascend?

I am a Senior Delivery Manager who manages and supports our Telecommunication, Power and Civil Infrastructure division for several Talascend customers.

In what ways do you work with/experience the Telecom industry?

During my 12 years with Talascend, we have supported various large-scale Telecommunication projects throughout the United States. We provide staff for all Telecom projects ranging from Fiber, DAS, and Small Cell, to 4G, LTE, and 5G projects. We also support utility companies with their Telecommunication needs.

What trends or patterns have you noticed over the years?

Telecommunications, like many industries, is cyclical. New technologies and updated equipment are constantly evolving. As carriers evolve, Talascend is always on the ready to support the carrier with talented crew members.

What are Telecom employers looking for in an employee?

Experience is key and our partners need employees who can deploy quickly and hit the ground running. When the Telecom industry is booming, our clients do not have time to train, as they are against the clock for deadlines and budget.

How has COVID positively or negatively affected the Telecom industry, and what do you project from here?

We did take a hit to our Telecom employee base at the beginning of COVID, however with the continued development of 5G, we anticipate hiring to pick up in late 2020 and into 2021.

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