Building an Effective Engineering Resume

Official Talascend Release
June 6, 2016

The requirements for building a rock solid engineering resume aligns with the expectations of the profession … accuracy, perfection and attention to detail.

A research analysis on Recruiter Behavior performed by The Ladders indicates that it takes less than 10 seconds for a recruiter to make the assumption that you “are” or “are not” the candidate they are looking for, therefore the requirements to capture their attention within this short time frame is critical. Need guidance? Allow Talascend to provide some pointers.

Talascend’s core strength was built in the engineering industry and for the past 70 years, we are proud to say we have become experts in engineering recruitment. Talascend has built and maintained an established network of 700,000 engineering professionals all over the globe and we take pride in this industry that has built our business.

Below are 5 important tips to follow when trying to grab the attention of a hiring manager or recruiter:

  1. What’s in it for the Employer?

    Don’t let the dictionary tell you otherwise, your resume is not about you. It’s the nature of the beast, people only care about the impact a decision is going to make on them. Therefore, it doesn’t matter what experience, industry knowledge or certifications you have obtained... what matters is how your credentials will help your future employer become more profitable and assist in furthering their success. This is the most important thing you need to know when writing or enhancing your engineering resume. Write about how your skills can help create operating efficiencies, provide significant cost cuts, increase profit margins, improve processes, etc.

  2. Measurable Accomplishments

    Your resume is one of the few opportunities you have to boast your own achievements. Take advantage of it with a tactical approach. Rather than providing a paragraph of past responsibilities, produce a list of bullets displaying concise accomplishments (with measurable results). Include the impact you made by providing actual time/cost savings data that helps reinforce the influence you will have on their organization.

  3. Personalize Every Resume

    Tailoring your resume specific to each job opportunity is truly an eye catcher for the recruiter. Engineering recruiters get an abundance of resumes of under-qualified candidates; therefore their impression is of such. Provide them what they are looking for. Yes, it takes time, but this is what makes you stand out as qualified in the sea of under qualified applicants. Study the job description and pull your accomplishments/related experience to the forefront of your resume. If you are applying for a Quality Engineer, your quality engineering accomplishments should prominently be displayed at the top of your resume, using the following pages for support. Leading us into #4.

  4. Keywords

    The digital age only helps in your search for a new job. Every company is moving toward digital databases and social media candidate searches to find candidates; therefore do your research. Determine the common keywords used that will push your resume up in search for your dream engineering position. Examine your past titles to be sure they are not misleading. To avoid being placed in the wrong keyword search crowd, always try to simply state what you did rather than what your title was.

  5. Lastly, don’t forget the basics

    You have spent a lot of time getting where you are today, don’t let the basic resume faux pas’ get in the way of that. The following “No No’s” seem simple, but are all too often overlooked.

    • No Errors: Triple check your resume to verify there are absolutely no spelling or grammatical errors. Your type face, font size, bullets and headers should be consistent throughout the document. Your name should appear clearly on the top of every page with an easy read of your contact details.
    • No lies: Be honest about your past experience and current skill set. Don’t hide behind this piece of paper to overinflate the truth about you.
    • No fluff: Allow your accomplishments to speak for themselves. Don’t let frilly borders or clip art get in the way of that. The only distractions needed on your resume are bold, direct, relevant wording that pops out and feeds the interest of your reader. Nothing more, nothing less.
    • No autobiographies: Provide just enough information that allows the employer to look for more. Remember, your resume is more often used as a form of rejection than acceptance; too much information can sometimes do more harm than good.

Keep in mind that the goal of your resume is to get an interview. That’s it. You are the one that will get you to your dream Engineering Job that is waiting, allow your resume to help you find it.

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