For former soldier, a job helping others get back to work

Official Talascend Release
September, 14 2012

Will, front row 4th from left in Germany at a MOUT site training school

When Will White joined Talascend in June this year, his appointment followed a long search for work in a difficult economy. Like a lot of former servicemen, he found the economic climate difficult to get a foothold in.

“When I left the Army after eight years, I expected to be able to pick up a job quite easily. I didn’t fully appreciate how hard the economy had been hit,” says Will. “A lot of people in New Jersey were finding it hard to find work.”

As many others had done, Will decided to improve his academic qualifications, in the hope of improving his chances.

“After months of struggling, I slowly came to the conclusion that I would have more chance if I went back into education. I started taking college courses while I looked for a job.”

The road was long and difficult. Will had not fully understood how hard it would be and after a long time, he had started to become seriously discouraged.

“Two years into my job hunt I fell into, what I like to call, ‘employment depression.’ If it has ever taken you longer than two months to find a job, you know exactly what I mean. At that point, I decided to attend every job fair I could find.”

At this point, Will’s fortunes changed significantly. At the very first job fair he attended he met staff from the New Jersey office of Talascend, a global engineering staffing company.

“I met Talascend at the first event I went too. The NJ Battleship Career Fair got me the job that had been eluding me for so long.”

He began work shortly afterward and has been thriving in the role ever since. His experiences as a long term job hunter have given him a strong drive to be successful and to help others to follow him back to work.  

“Now that I’m working as a recruiter, I’m making it my personal ambition to find jobs for as many people as I can. The NJ Department of Labor and Workforce Development was there to help to start building my career outside the Army.  I just hope I can return the favor.”

About Talascend

Talascend is a Veteran Owned Business that is dedicated to the success of our nation’s civilian and veteran personnel. To date, the Talascend organization has a staff of 60 experienced and tenured recruiting professionals, a contract community of nearly 700 employees working on-site at our partnering accounts, and a candidate community of 700,000+ engineering, technical and skilled trade professionals.

With 75 years of staffing success, Talascend has been one of the most reliable and effective providers of strategic staffing solutions for clients serving multiple industry verticals needing top talent in engineering, technical, and skilled trade disciplines. Headquartered in Troy, Michigan, the Talascend companies have worked with some of the world’s largest and best-known organizations on an extensive range of high-profile projects nationwide. If you are looking for a new career, or to grow your workforce, contact us today!