Monique Mollere on Oil & Gas

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July 14, 2020

Monique Mollere, Sr. Vice President

The Oil & Gas Industry is still and consistently has been one of the most important, and profitable industries. This resource is a base that supports much of the world, and of course millions of jobs. To learn more about the ins and outs of this industry and where it’s headed, we asked our Sr. Vice President and expert on O&G, Monique Mollere.

What is your position and general responsibilities at Talascend?

I am the Sr. Vice President and handle strategic account management and business development in our Oil & Gas, Telecom and Power sectors.

What have you learned about the industry while working in Oil & Gas?

Mostly that it is very cyclical, there are many highs and many lows, and the industry can be volatile based on the price of oil, yet it is still resilient. Being that I am based in Houston, oil is what we are known for and Houston employs 1/3 of our nation’s oil & gas employees. Oil and its refined products touch nearly every part of our lives from fuel to run our vehicles, to detergents, paints, medicine, clothing, cosmetics, and everything that utilizes any type of plastic.

What advances or declines do you see this industry making?

The O&G industry is undergoing huge change because of digital innovations. As a whole, O&G has lagged behind other industries but there are so many areas where automation and technology are helping to transform the industry. Some examples are continued advancement of 3D software for design engineering, GPS tracking that can track employees and equipment so important data can be collected and viewed instantaneously, connected equipment that can predict equipment failures and reduce overall downtime and robotics and automated technologies that can handle high-risk jobs better than humans. There is literally so much changing and improving daily in O&G.

The decline right now is simply in demand, the price of oil and the capital investment needed by the operators to continue or start new projects. When the price goes up and stabilizes to some degree, we will see the investment begin again.

What are Oil & Gas employers looking for in their candidates?

Most of our clients look at previous project experience to determine if they are a good fit for their current projects. Other things that are critical are having the required education and software or technology experience needed for the project. Soft skills are also key – good cultural fit for the company, team player, good problem-resolution skills, and someone who can be a strong client interface for the project.

Any other thoughts or advice to offer on this industry or your experience?

The people I have met in this industry are incredible. They are smart, hard-working and have weathered many storms in this industry. Our job is to be a strong supplier to our clients by providing great candidates and good market intelligence on what is happening and to be a strong advocate for our candidates and employees by offering good opportunities and hopefully a continued career path that aligns with their goals.

To learn more about the positions Talascend offers in Oil & Gas, visit here: Oil & Gas Staffing & Recruitment

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