Post-COVID Hiring

January 11, 2021

After the crazy year we’ve had that really flipped the workforce upside down, everyone is just doing their best to resurface and recover. America’s unemployment rate is currently 6.7%, or 10.7 million people resulting from the pandemic. Thankfully, this number has lowered from recent months and companies are now finding themselves in the position to take on more business.

Many industries are ready to accelerate again and open some new hire positions, now that they have adapted in the ways that COVID-19 demands. The possibility of contracting this virus has made on-site jobs far less desirable. People now must take their health into consideration when deciding if a new job is ‘worth the risk.’ Without a generous salary and benefits, on-site jobs are not being filled at the rate they are opening, or even close. The country has hit hiring road blocks before, but nothing like this.

This is where industries need to pay extra attention to their talent acquisition and the source of which they are looking for candidates. Job descriptions, salaries, stipulations, etc. cannot be what they used to for the same results. Without extra compensation, companies are struggling to find the right fits for their vacancies and therefore cannot stay afloat.

Everyone wants to hire the most quality candidates possible that will make sure the job is done right. What we are finding is that in a time of desperation for work, new hires merely take the job that they can get, and do not bring passion and integrity to their new workplace.

What we know for sure; job openings are out there! Now more than ever, we just need the right talent to know they are available. This is where Talascend can be your most valuable resources. Our expert recruiters take the time to get familiar with your industry, it’s patterns of operations and most importantly your talent acquisition. From here we filter you the best candidates that are ready and excited to jump back into work, bringing their genuine talent and specializations, and help build your team.

Staffing services are of immense help to small and large businesses. We take your wants, needs and concerns about finding the right talent as the most important thing! We can deliver you the expert for your job even under these unforeseen circumstances of the workforce that we are all facing.

About Talascend

Talascend is a Veteran Owned Business that is dedicated to the success of our nation’s civilian and veteran personnel. To date, the Talascend organization has a staff of 60 experienced and tenured recruiting professionals, a contract community of nearly 700 employees working on-site at our partnering accounts, and a candidate community of 700,000+ engineering, technical and skilled trade professionals.

With 75 years of staffing success, Talascend has been one of the most reliable and effective providers of strategic staffing solutions for clients serving multiple industry verticals needing top talent in engineering, technical, and skilled trade disciplines. Headquartered in Troy, Michigan, the Talascend companies have worked with some of the world’s largest and best-known organizations on an extensive range of high-profile projects nationwide. If you are looking for a new career, or to grow your workforce, contact us today!

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