5 Tips to Prepare for a Virtual Interview

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Troy, Mich., June 8, 2020 - Job hunting, interviewing, and corporate hiring has taken a turn that we certainly were not ready for, but like anything else, we must adapt to the changes and face our new workforce norm. Companies must press on, Hiring Managers must keep seeking good talent, and job seekers must continue to find careers best suited for their qualifications.

Amidst this time where remote working is most common among the still-employed, candidates are typically going through a remote interview process. Again, not super ideal, but getting a jump start on landing interviews will put you ahead of the rush of job searchers in the months to come. A virtual interview process is more than likely going to feel a bit awkward to most candidates but hiring experts at Talascend know what will make you stand out to secure your next job all while in the comfort of your own home. Here are 5 tips and tricks from our Talascend Team.

  • 1. Do your Research

    An overall assumption to keep in the back of your mind is that a virtual interview should be treated as any in-person interview would be. With that said, what is the first advice you get before accepting an interview? Do your research! Where ever you’re interviewing, they want to know that you want to be there. This comes with you showing interest in who you are speaking with and learning as much as you can about what may be your new job. This is no less of an interview, so be equally as prepared.

  • 2. Test your Technology

    We’ve all fallen victim to failing technology. Malfunctions happen but take all precautions so that your virtual meeting may run smoothly. Whichever virtual/video platform your interview is on, become familiar and most definitely test it either by yourself or send a video call to a friend. Your interview could run behind when you were unaware of downloading something, creating an account, etc. Do not wait until the last minute to open your source for the first time. Also, with enough time before your interview, make sure your WIFI/connection is set up and always have a back up plan.

  • 3. Be Ready and Prompt

    Another golden rule that still applies; do not be late! Everything you need is at home, you have had time to prepare, you have tested your video call, there is no possibility of traffic from your couch, there is no reason to log on late to a virtual call. Hiring Managers are looking for the same qualities from you virtually and will be asking the same questions, they just as well expect you to log on promptly and be ready.

  • 4. (Still) Look the Part

    Just as important as showing up on time and prepared, you are expected to show up to this virtual interview looking interview ready. You can put your pajamas back on as soon as it’s over, but for your call, make sure your outfit/appearance looks put together and fits the standards of the job. Also choose a background area for yourself that is neutral and well-lit so that your interviewer can see you properly. This makes for the most professional and respectable interview process that one could create with the circumstances.

  • 5. Speak Clearly and Confidently

    Perhaps the most important tip to offer is of course what you will have to say that could land you this job. When we are only able to interview through a screen, we now have another medium of sound to potentially work against us. Make sure you are being heard well and clearly by your interviewer. Just as you would sitting across from them, speak confidently and make eye contact. If all else fails, be smart and passionate with your words and interactions with them. Bring the energy and positivity that the other person may have been craving to see all day.

The whole concept of having to do virtual interviews in this time can seem defeating. Where people are feeling down and hopeless about what the future holds for their careers, be one of the go-getters who refuses to let the circumstances get in the way of pursing your goals! It’s easy to stay at home and admit defeat in a declining job market, what is admirable and hirable is getting ahead and searching hard for your opportunities (because they ARE still out there).

From everyone at Talascend, we hope you will take charge of your future and apply these tips to land your next opportunity! We are standing by to help you. Click here to learn more about the career opportunities we have for you.

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