Jobs in rail engineering

Engineering is a key element of the rail industry and rail engineering jobs play an important role in the delivery of various rail projects across the United Kingdom, such as the new Crossrail service and the upgrade of the London Underground system.

The railway system is made up of various components including trains, tracks, bridges, electrical power systems, fixed plant, drainage and environment, earthworks, telecoms, data management, and train control systems. Rail engineering industry personnel carry out the development, maintenance and improvement works required.

Railway engineering encompasses disciplines such as production engineering, mechanical engineering, computer engineering, industrial engineering, electrical engineering, and civil engineering as well as many sub disciplines.

Rail engineering industry careers

Job roles in the rail engineering industry can involve developing products, managing parts of the railway system or engaging in construction projects ranging in size from a small bridge through to a new control system for a major city.

Job positions that are commonly found in the rail engineering industry include:

  • Engineer
  • Project manager
  • Estimator
  • Planning engineer
  • Assistant engineer
  • Signalling design engineer
  • Track maintenance
  • HSE Auditor

Rail engineer

A rail engineer is responsible for installing and servicing the electrical and mechanical systems found on rolling stock and train engines. Typical work may include building new carriages and engines, repairing or replacing parts, carrying out regular maintenance checks on systems, updating maintenance records, and report writing.

Maintenance and engineering work

Regular maintenance of bridges, tunnels, power supplies, signals, tracks and trackside equipment ensure the trains keep running. Safety and reliability is improved and maintained through infrastructure upgrades and replacements. Typical work may include carrying out site surveys to identify the maintenance needs of a section of track, as well as the installation and renewal of tracks, level crossings, bridges, cuttings and embankments.

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