Permanent Way jobs

Permanent way also called P-Way is a term used to describe the structure that forms the railway track consisting of the rails, sleepers, fasteners, ballast and underlying subgrade.

The term permanent way was introduced as a way of distinguishing between the final railway track that was installed after the initial temporary track installation, which was commonly used to transport materials in the earlier days of railway construction.

Permanent way components

Rails: These provide a continuous even surface for the train’s movement. The rails also provide lateral guidance to the wheels of the train and also help to bear the load of the wheels. Most modern rails are made of steel, however in the past, rails have been made of wood, cast iron or wrought iron.

Sleepers: A rectangular support for the rails, which transfers loads to the track ballast and subgrade, holds the rails upright, and keeps them spaced to the correct gauge.

Fasteners: Are used to fix the rails to the sleepers. There are a variety of rail fastenings that can be used to attach the rails and base plates to the sleepers, including screw spikes, fang bolts, heavy-duty clips, and spring spikes.

Ballast: Is used to bear the load from the trains and sleepers, retain the track in its proper position and help with drainage of water. It is made of crushed stone and is packed between, below, and around the sleepers.

Subgrade: Is the native material found underneath the railway track.

Job disciplines

Talascend supply qualified staff to the rail industry covering a wide range of rail disciplines. We also source staff for permanent way jobs, and below are some of the job positions that are common in this discipline:

  • Permanent way design engineer jobs
  • Permanent way planner jobs
  • Permanent way site manager jobs
  • Permanent way engineer jobs
  • Permanent way project manager jobs
  • Permanent way project engineer jobs

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