Jobs in Telecommunications

By definition, telecommunication is the science of communication by electromagnetic means. In other words, telecommunication is the act of communicating via the use of technologies like mobile phones, land lines, VoIP and fiber optic networks. Telecommunication is not new. The ancient Greeks had a system whereby the art of semaphore was conducted through a series of hydraulically controlled water vessels with a number of predetermined messages.

From water tubes to microwaves to 4G networks, the industry has grown greatly and continues to do so at an exponential pace. Industry analysts predict that the market will remain flat in the US in the coming years however; a flat market does not mean a flat telecommunications job market.

The telecommunications industry encompasses a vast array of opportunities and in a wide variety of disciplines. From broadband to wireless to hardwired voice and data connections, jobs in telecommunications range from customer support help desk technicians to field engineers to cell tower HVAC/R technicians and beyond.

There are several other industries and sectors tied to telecommunications including:

  • Electronics manufacturing
  • Satellite design and manufacturing
  • Hardware manufacturing
  • IT industry
  • Cable and Broadband Providers
  • Land Line Phone and DSL Companies
  • Wireless providers
  • Construction
  • and many more

Talascend has a number of opportunities available in the telecommunications industry and the industries that support it. To explore the jobs we have available in telecommunications , please register with us or contact our local telecom staffing specialist team to learn more about we can help with your next project.