Hiring 101: Transparency

Talascend Educational Series: 2

June 25, 2020

Transparency. A very cliché and commonly used word in corporate speak and written culture sentiments, but does it require space in your efforts to grow your workforce?

A quick answer to this is, YES! Hiring great talent means being very clear about your corporate goals and position requirements. Being transparent is what will help you ensure you are hiring someone who shares your companies’ true goals and values. Transparency should be apparent from the time you meet a potential hire and all the way through their employment with your organization.

We all know that hiring is a big decision that incurs risk for both parties. It’s been often compared to “speed-marrying” in that, you date a couple times (interview), you ask some pertinent questions (chat on the phone), you check out their references (see if you have any mutual connections), and bam ... the offer is extended (you are now engaged). You would never want to commit to a partner without really knowing them, would you? So, don’t do this with hiring either. Being honest and transparent is the only way to provide a mutual, long-term connection for you and your potential hire.

Here are 4 questions to ask yourself to determine if you are truly being transparent during your hiring process:

  1. What does my company look like from the outside in?
    It has come second nature for Hiring Managers to scope out the social media pages of their next hire being considered, but have you really taken a look at your company image from the outside in? Your online presence tells a lot about the heart of your company, culture and story. If your website is stale, your social media pages have not been updated in months, and your Glassdoor page is chock full of negative reviews with no response to the opinions provided, then you are fueling skepticism of your next hire. Take pride in your story and present yourself online just as you would explain it verbally.

  2. Does my job description clearly articulate the candidate-type I am seeking?
    As we mentioned last week within our “Understanding the Role” segment, you must be very clear in articulating the position’s needs within a job description. This clarity will bring a closer match during your screening process and ultimately save you time in the long run. The last thing a candidate wants is to be considered for a position they are not cut out for based on a vague or misleading job description. It is always a good idea to present “a day in the life” overview within your write-up as well.

  3. What is my salary range for my open position?
    There is nothing worse than going through this process and not being upfront with your candidate about the salary range for your position(s). Do your research, understand the market, and be transparent and open about the salary range initially and with career progression opportunities.

  4. Am I ready to give open and honest feedback post interview?
    The worst part of interviewing for a candidate is leaving the meeting and not fully knowing how it went. Not only should Hiring Managers present a defined time frame in which a decision will be made, but they also must commit to providing ample feedback regardless of their decision. Candidates are trained to be mindful of the company’s time during the interview process. Show that same courtesy back to the job seeker by providing feedback in a timely manner.

Your candidates have options, and during these times of uncertainty and workforce reinventions, you must be a step ahead of other employers seeking the same talent. We hope these tips help.

See our previous post in the series: Hiring 101: Understanding the Role.

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