Kim Stouffer on Working From Home

Talascend Spotlight

June 12, 2020

Kim Stouffer, Global HR Director

Talascend encourages all working from home professionals to read and try our tips and tricks to up your WFH productivity. Our internal Talascend team also puts these tips to use!

Today our spotlight is on Global HR Director, Kim Stouffer.

What is your work from home routine that helps you stay on track?

“I stay very close to the schedule I followed when I was going into the office. I still ‘get ready’ each day and make sure I am at my desk at the same time each morning. I still schedule my time, including catchup phone calls. I log off from 6pm - 8pm, that becomes my family time and I am very protective of it.”

What troubles/distractions have you run into, and how do you avoid these?

“I am lucky, I have an office in my home and teenagers who sleep until at least noon. If I want to finish a project or go for a walk, I will do it at lunchtime.”

What is your process like now working from home and managing a team?

“It is important to me to make sure we do not lose our team dynamic. Every morning we have an interactive hello email and update which crosses over work and personal lives. We also do a Zoom meeting once a week called HR Coffee and Catchup where we meet and talk about what is going on in our lives and challenges we are facing. It gives us a chance to laugh and reconnect. We also have one on one calls, texts, and chats depending on the need.”

Any other tips, thoughts or words of encouragement?

“I highly recommend giving people notice before Zoom calls so that they can be presentable. I won’t make that mistake again… Don’t rely solely on email and skype, remember to reach out and have the conversations you were having in the office, impromptu conversations about what is going on in your lives & struggles you may be having. It’s important to connect with one another. Don’t hesitate to be vulnerable and discuss your challenges. Be flexible and understanding, remember that everyone wants you to succeed, communicate your needs to ensure that success.”

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